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Inspired by the Best Pizza Bakers in New York City and
brought to Karachi by avid Pizza Lover & Baker, Omar Qadir.

We believe a pizza is only as good as the quality of ingredients used to make it and experience of the pizza bakers baking it!

What makes a New York Style pizza, “New York Style”?

New York Style pizza is sold by the Slice and by the whole pie. Characterised by its large size (usually 16”-20” in diameter). Its thin, foldable, floppy, yet crunchy crust, Aged Whole Milk Low Moisture Mozzarella cheese, a sauce made with naturally sweet vine ripened California tomatoes.

In order to bring Karachi the most authentic New York Style pizza, we import and use the exact same ingredients as some of the best pizzerias in New York City. Imported California tomatoes for our sauce, an imported high protein flour for our dough, and high quality cheeses. We are proud to offer Karachi’s pizza lovers the choice of slices or whole pies—dine-in, take a pie home or let us deliver whole pies to you!